Yan Mary He (University of Oklahoma, USA) : Cantor sets, identities and Hausdorff dimension

Séminaire « Géométrie dynamique »
Salle de Seminaire, 3ème étage, M3

Orateur :  Yan Mary He

University of Oklahoma, USA

Exposé  réel 

 Lieu : Salle de séminaire 3ème étage M3

 Résumé :   In this talk, I will introduce series identities on holomorphic families of Cantor sets which arise naturally in hyperbolic geometry, higher Teichmuller theory and holomorphicdynamics. We will see that these identities can be used to study the topology of (certain subspace of) character varieties and the Hausdorff dimension function on parameter spaces. A special case of these identities is Basmajian’s identity for hyperbolic manifolds.

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