Unramifiedness for Galois representations associated to Hilbert modular varieties — Si Ying Lee (Max Planck Institut)

Séminaire « Arithmétique »
M2 Kampé de Fériet

The Serre weight conjectures, as extended by Edixhoven, imply a correspondence between unramified odd irreducible mod $p$ Galois representations and weight 1 mod $p$ modular forms. This correspondence has a natural generalization to Hilbert modular varieties, where we now consider the higher mod $p$ coherent cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties. I will talk about a proof, under some technical hypothesis, of one direction of this correspondence, namely that the Galois representation associated to the mod $p$ coherent cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties in partial weight 1 is unramified.

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