Effective algebro-homotopical constructions and their applications (Anibal Medina-Mardones)

Séminaire « Topologie »
M3 - Salle des Séminaires

Orateur :  Anibal Medina-Mardones (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord)

Lieu : salle des Séminaires M3

Résumé : 

To incorporate ideas from homotopy theory into areas such as topological data analysis and topological lattice field theory, it is crucial to have effective constructions of concepts defined only transcendentally. During this talk, we will present a concrete construction of a structure on cochains that, after Mandell, encodes the entire homotopy type of a space in its quasi-isomorphism type. Additionally, we will examine applications of this ideas to the aforementioned areas as well as to knot theory, higher category theory, and toric geometry.

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