Monodromy of Jacobian Elliptic K3-Surfaces (Michaël Lönne)

Séminaire « Géométrie algébrique »
Kampé de Fériet (M2 - 1er étage)
A Jacobian elliptic K3 surface S for the talk is a complex projective surface with a fibration map f to the projective line and a section to f called the 0-section.
All regular fibres are elliptic curves, the finitely many singular fibres map to the finite discriminant subset D of the base.
Kodaira investigated the relation between the functional invariant j defined by the j-invariant of fibres, the geometry of singular fibres and the homological invariant which is the monodromy of the topological torus bundle given by the complement in S of the singular fibres.
We consider surfaces with certain geometrical types of singular fibres only and get a classification of monodromy groups in that case.
We end with a discussion of the geometry of the corresponding moduli spaces.
(This talk is based on joint work with Klaus Hulek)

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