Constructing p-adic L-functions on GL(2n) — Andrei Jorza (University of Notre Dame)

Séminaire « Arithmétique »
M2 Kampé de Fériet

p-adic L-functions are extremely powerful analytic objects that link arithmetic and analytic information about modular forms and Galois representations. Recently, they have been instrumental in proving cases of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture, as well as in the work of Bhargava on the statistics of elliptic curve ranks. They are, however, difficult to construct, particularly in the setting of automorphic representations which are not ordinary. I'll explain recent progress towards p-adic L-functions on GL(2n) which are base-changed from spin groups, referring to work with Barrera, Dimitrov, Graham and Williams.

Discriminant modulaire

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