Victor do Valle Pretti (université de Bourgogne) : Determinants, even instantons and Bridgeland stability

Séminaire « Géométrie algébrique »
Salle Kampé de Feriet (Bâtiment M2, 1er étage)

The moduli of instantons bundles over a Fano threefold have been under investigation by many authors during the last 50 years. Their relation with exceptional collections and monads is already proven to be useful in many situations, such as the ADHM equations and D.Faenzi's work, for example. During this talk, we will see how to prove they're stable in the sense of Bridgeland and obtain their moduli space as an open subset of the moduli of Bridgeland stable objects. This is done by finding a region where Bridgeland and quiver stability coincide, hence also obtaining general information about these moduli spaces. The general theory behind this association was proven by E.Macri, here we provide a systematic way of describing the quiver regions for any smooth projective variety, if they exist.

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