Abelian covers of hyperbolic surfaces: equidistribution of spectra and infinite mixing asymptotics for horocycle flows.

Séminaire « Géométrie dynamique »
Salle visio M3
Orateur : Livio Flaminio (Université de Lille)

Exposé online au séminaire conjoint  de système dynamiques,

Université KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Suède) et Université de Lille.

Lieu : salle visio M3  

Résumé:  We establish an asymptotic expansion of the correlations for the horocycle flow on   on Abelian covers of compact hyperbolic surfaces.   We also prove that the spectra around $0$ of the Casimir operators on any   increasing sequence of finite Abelian covers become equidistributed with respect to an   absolutely continuous measure.

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